Are FREE SOLAR PANELS A Good Investment?

Free solar panels online will attempt to explain the pros and cons of free solar panels.  With so many people realising that solar panels are the future, would it be better to have free solar panels, buy your solar panels outright or fund your solar installation using a personal loan?

Are free solar panels really what they are cracked up to be?

When a company installs solar panels on your roof they generally take out a lease of your roof space for up to 25 years, this can cause problems when looking to sell or remortgage the property, as effectively for the 25 years you do not have the same rights to the roof.

Many mortgage companies take the view that it is a risky investment so therefore will not allow you to re-mortgage or new buyers to mortgage the property. Think of them as a sitting tenant, once free solar panels are installed the company that installs them has a lease for a set amount of years that cannot be removed.

The company that installs the free solar panels would also take all of the government payments available from the Feed In Tariff Fit Scheme

The Fit payments could equate to almost £20,000 in a tax free income depending on when the solar panels were installed, this is a huge amount of income that is passed over to the company installing the panels, this income could be retained by either purchasing or funding the panels through a loan.

Funded Solar Panels

Funded solar panels (Solar panels paid for using finance) this can be a great way for homeowners to purchase solar panels, without the upfront costs. You have none of the draw backs of free solar panels, such as renting roof space, you will own the panels from day one and receive 100% of the government feed in tariff payments.