Free Solar Panel Schemes

Solar panels

Free Solar Panel Schemes

If you are thinking of obtaining free solar panels, then read this article.

We will take you through the pros and cons of such schemes, and provides you recommendations on what your choices are if you cannot afford to purchase solar panels outright.

This is how free solar panel schemes actually work!

‘Free’ solar panel schemes, conjointly called rent-a-roof schemes, are run by firms wanting to make profit on the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). This guarantees payment reciprocally for electricity generated using renewable technologies, together with solar energy. These firms will offer to pay to lease your roof from you for 20-25 years and, in exchange, they’re going to install and maintain solar PV panels thereon. this implies you do not have to be compelled to pay any money direct for the panels and you furthermore may like the free electricity created by the system. So what is the catch with free solar panels? Although you do take pleasure in the free electricity the system produces for your home, the rent-a-roof company sometimes takes all of the generation and export tariff payments paid out with the fit scheme. you’ll be able to find out additional information concerning the match – see our guide to the Feed-in Tariff. once the match rate was at its highest, back in 2011, we calculated that you may well be missing out on up to as £23,000 from the scheme from a 4kWp system. However, you’d also have saved over £5,000 over twenty five years from the electricity created by the panels. Notes on the illustration: Figures calculated using the Energy Saving Trust’s Cashback Calculator and supported by the recent higher rate of Feed-in Tariff, on a roof with optimum orientation and tilt, and no shade. The illustration doesn’t embrace cost variation, inflation, panel degradation or value of a replacement electrical converter. Actual profits might thus be lower. This graphic is provided for illustrative functions solely, not as an exact investment guide. Now, with the fit rate now abundantly lower, the difference isn’t as profitable. so few firms are within the market to supply free solar panels. If you wish to grasp what incomes you may earn through solar panels and the way they compare with different investment choices, Visit solar panel funding for fully funded solar panels.

Free Solar panels

Taking out a loan for solar panels

Predictably, the rent-a-roof firms stand to profit way more from the arrangement than homeowners. Analysis has found that, on the previous rate paid by the government fit, customers might save thousands of pounds over the next twenty five years by purchasing their own solar PV system rather than signing up to a scheme giving ‘free’ solar panels. If you’ll be able to afford it, you must contemplate buying the solar PV system outright using your own funds. even though you had to take out a loan for half or all of the system, you may still be better off in the long run.