Free Solar Panels

Can I get free solar panels?

Free Solar Panels

If you would like to lower your energy bills and carbon footprint but can’t afford to buy a solar panels, you’ll be able to get them installed for free of charge.

However, you’ll not get any of the money from the Feed-in tariff. This goes to the company who owns the solar panels. you just get the use of the free clean energy the panel produces.

So, Essentially you’re renting your roof area to the solar company, who can maintain and service the panel for you.


Do I qualify for free panels?

Qualify For Solar

As the value of solar has plummeted, the govt. has reduced the Feed-in Tariff. Cheaper solar panels have allowed more owners within the UK to invest in their own system. but the lower Feed-In-Tariff has resulted in less installers providing free panels.

Free solar schemes are currently rare. one of the leading free solar suppliers, A Shade Greener, have stopped giving free solar panels to customers.

You will got to have a south facing roof angled between ten and sixty degrees to face any chance of qualifying for free of charge star panels.


What will I save?


Saving Money

This will rely upon the size of the installation installed and the way you utilise energy. If you’re terribly energy efficient, you should be able to save about £150 a year.

It is additionally important to remember that it’s extremely likely energy costs can and will still rise, so you should save more and more annually. Over twenty years the money you save should be hefty.


Are there any drawbacks?


Disadvantages Of Free Solar

The drawback of free solar schemes is that the installer gets to have all the earnings from the feed in tariff. this could be as much as £404 a year.


Is it worth it?


Is Solar Worth It

Free solar panels can help you lower your energy bills and it’s an excellent way to do it if you can’t afford to buy your own solar panel.

However the real money comes from investment in your own panel. although the Feed-In-Tariff has dropped therefore has the price of solar panels, therefore the return on investment is still significant.



Free Solar panels

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